What is the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition?

Launched in August 2021 the purpose of the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition is to design and implement sustainable regional and corridor supply chain infrastructure within Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah.  The coalition will advance individual projects to improve community and regional vitality, while mitigating negative environmental and social impacts.

Supply chains in the Southwest extend beyond state borders, are inextricably linked and are growing chaotically because freight logistics have evolved in a vacuum of planning. The Coalition’s mission is to reorient supply chain logistics to better connect markets and lower costs, and to address urgent climate change, safety, and congestion issues.

The Coalition is firmly built around collaborative and data driven approaches to address the needs of industry while enhancing the investments each state is making on inland port facilities, industrial centers, and beyond.

The Southwest Supply Chain Coalition is a partnership between OnTrackNorthAmerica (OTNA), the state of Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and will soon encompass state economic development partners from California, Arizona, and Utah.


Who should join the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition?

The Coalition is radically inclusive, consisting of stakeholders in the Southwest region spanning business, public sector, communities, and investors. There is no organization too large or too small to join.

The Coalition has seven core stakeholder groups:

  • Government (Federal, State and Local incorporating economic development, transportation, planning and environmental departments)
  • Shippers (Industrial, Manufacturing, Retailing etc.)
  • Transportation Providers (Railroads, Logistics Operators, Ports etc.)
  • Academia (Faculties and specialists in Planning, Supply Chain, Land Use, and the Environment)
  • Landowners/Land Developers/Economic and Industrial Developers
  • NGO’s / Non-Profits
  • Community Groups

Why join the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition?

Being a member of the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition means:

  • Making a direct contribution to creating the Southwest’s sustainable future
  • Early and complete access to key infrastructure plans and projects
  • Learning from and sharing innovative ideas within the Coalition
  • Networking and partnership opportunities from direct access to fellow Members and leading regional stakeholders
  • Having access to multiple public financial support programs for economic development
  • Access to the expertise needed to develop railroad support for development projects
  • Priority access to OnTrackNorthAmerica’s Rail Enabled Economic Development training program
  • Unrestricted access to a unique database on regional projects, stakeholders, and activities which are captured through Coalition dialogues and IntelliConferences, providing high value beneficial intelligence for commercial or non-commercial stakeholders

All members will have the rights to use the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition logo on their website, a certificate and, if desired, each member’s logo will be included on the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition website and selected marketing material.


What are the costs of membership?

Annual membership fees are related to an organization’s revenue. The table below shows the fees.

# Membership Level Annual Fees
1 Organizations with annual revenues above $500m $50,000
2 Organizations with annual revenues between $20m and $500m $25,000
3 Organizations with annual revenues between $5m and $20m $15,000
4 Organizations with annual revenues between $1m and $5m $5,000
5 Organizations with annual revenues below
6 Non-Profit/NGO1
Local Government
7 Individuals $125


1 Non-Profit must be Section 501(c) (3)

2 Non-profits or organizations with less than $1m in annual operating revenues unable to pay all of the fees are encouraged to reach out to us to discuss

‘Organization’ includes private sector companies and public sector entities with recognized operating revenues, such as ports, airports, tolling agencies etc.


Where can I get more information?

There are more answers to commonly asked questions below. If your question is not covered, please reach out directly to

Frequently Asked Questions About the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition

What are the objectives of the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition?
The goal of the Coalition is to design AND implement sustainable regional and corridor supply chain infrastructure plans in NV, CA, AZ and UT. Together, we will advance individual projects that align with these plans to improve community and regional vitality, while mitigating negative environmental and social impacts. The Coalition will empower business and community success with improved freight logistics. We will be seeking to expand the number and quality of jobs in the region.

What are key issues the Southwest Supply Chain Coalition will address?

  • The lack of appropriate regional supply chain systems planning. Sustainable supply chains require pragmatic collaboration among business, communities, and government, none of the existing entities involved in supply chain commerce or policymaking have a mandate to facilitate this collaboration
  • The need for new avenues for communication to facilitate a balance between community needs and the interests of freight transportation providers and shippers
  • The absence of multi-state coordination between public agencies, port authorities, economic developers, businesses, communities, and transportation providers
  • California’s supply chains have expanded into Nevada, Arizona, and Utah for warehousing, distribution, and production in a chaotic and uncontrolled manner
  • The need for additional intermodal service to offset undue reliance on trucks
  • The crucial role of sustainability issues in industrial development
  • The incorporation of community input into plans and investments
  • The lack of supply chain systems planning is damaging our environment and quality of life yet the voting public is generally unaware of the relative impact of the rail, trucking, and energy industries on sustainability. Communities deserve to know that their concerns are incorporated wisely into plans and investments.

Who can become a Member of the Coalition?
Anyone sharing the goals of the Coalition can join. Organizations do not have to be physically located in Nevada, California, Utah or Arizona in order to join and participate.

What will Coalition Members do?
Members and member organizations will provide input and perspectives on specific supply chain projects based on their own challenges and areas of expertise.

What is the time commitment to participate?
This will vary based upon your organization’s desired level of engagement. We estimate that the maximum time commitment will be 2 hours per week to give input on projects through IntelliConferences. Participation is encouraged, but always optional.

Who is behind the Coalition?
The Southwest Supply Chain Coalition was formed in August 2021 by OnTrackNorthAmerica (OTNA) in partnership with Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak and the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Press release

How many members are in the Coalition?
The Coalition is only just formed so it currently includes foundation members from the states. It is anticipated between 500 and 2,000 Members will join within the initial 12 months.

What is OnTrackNorthAmerica (OTNA)?
OnTrackNorthAmerica is a 501c3 nonprofit infrastructure design organization founded in 2007 by Michael Sussman, CEO and Ken Youmans, Managing Director. The OTNA Board of Directors includes the former Chairs of the Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. OTNA facilitated stakeholder engagement for the 2021 Nevada Rail Plan.

What are IntelliConferences?
Based on twenty years of research into effective collaboration, IntelliConferences are a groundbreaking moderated approach to convening stakeholders online. The system produces better thinking, decision making and outcomes. It allows Members to provide their input asynchronously (at different times), making it flexible and easy to participate.  

Will the Coalition be an ongoing entity, or does it have a fixed end point?
It is
an on-going entity, designed to continue through any changes in political leadership and or other changes in critical stakeholder/individuals throughout the Southwest region

Can members participate on their own schedule, or will they have to make time to virtually attend an event?
There is great flexibility. Whilst specific IntelliConferences are scheduled they are arranged collaboratively and would be a weekly time arranged asynchronously

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