Here we share a few examples of previous engagements to help illuminate the nature of our work. We wouldn’t label these as “typical,” because in our world there is no such thing as a “typical” engagement.

There is a running theme, however: A long history of stepping into situations where the potential for rail-enabled economic benefit to a disparate set of stakeholders went previously unseen or unrealized. To those challenged projects we bring new energy, decades of transportation expertise, and a growth-oriented vision.

The following case studies relate work performed by OnTrackNorthAmerica and our for-profit sister consultancy Strategic Rail Finance. Both organizations were founded by Michael Sussman and share team members and expertise.

Port of Long Beach

In light of the improved efficiency that new on-dock rail infrastructure would provide, the port’s management applies for a state grant to seed the construction project. Unfortunately the benefit cost analysis conducted by a previous consultancy misses many important existing trucking-based impacts, undermining the grant application.

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Lansdale Warehouse

A multi-stakeholder disagreement over deteriorating track threatens the business viability of a Southeastern Pennsylvania warehouse and distribution hub. OnTrackNorthAmerica brings multiple parties together to aid them in imagining and then executing a solution.

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Port of Muskogee

In spite of considerable rail experience gained from its years of overseeing rail service, port management recognized the need for a reasonably priced, yet in-depth study of this multi-faceted situation.

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Michigan Terminals

The growth of a rail shipper’s business hits its limits due to an increasingly antagonistic relationship with the local rail operator. OnTrackNorthAmerica resets the relationship and steers both parties to a growth-oriented win-win, saving each tens of thousands of dollars in court costs.

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