The North American Freight Forum provides opportunity for freight transportation professionals and other stakeholders to foster a new era of efficient supply chains and sustainable infrastructure.

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Why is this needed?
Our supply chains are unorganized. The truth is, neither marketplace dynamics nor vested interest lobbying lead to smart supply chains. For North America’s future prosperity, they must be reconceived with a long-term vision.

The problem is not a lack of intelligence—there are many intelligent individuals in industry, government, and the community. What we have been lacking are the effective forums and methods for gathering that intelligence into smart policy, programs, and marketplace improvements.

How will the Freight Forum work?
A facilitated, inquiry-based dialogue called an IntelliConference™ brings stakeholders together, online, asynchronously (meaning stakeholders participate in accordance with their own daily availability). Protecting the integrity of the group dialogue process is an integral IntelliConference design feature. All participants have an equal voice, which can only be enhanced by the logic and efficacy of one’s contribution to the dialogue. No vested interest perspective can dominate the interactions.

What issues will be discussed?
As each is underwritten, The North American Freight Forum will provide its guidance and collaborative platform to the issues that currently inhibit efficiency and sustainability in the movement of land freight on the North American continent.

The following initial issue areas have been identified in concert with our industry and governmental colleagues. These IntelliConferences are in pre-production and open to stakeholders who communicate interest.

          1. Rail Growth Capitalization
          2. Rail Business Culture Transformation
          3. Rail Management – Rail Labor
          4. Rail Regulatory Excellence
          5. Rail Trucking Coordination
          6. Containerized International Freight
          7. Revitalizing the Rail Carload System
          8. Rail Technology Adoption
          9. Rail Energy Efficiency
          10. Freight Transportation Land Use

Note: These issues and others are explored in depth on the North American Freight Forum website.

The five Freight Forum participation roles:

          • INTELLICONFERENCE PARTICIPANT: Each IntelliConference convenes for a set period of time and requires a commitment of less than two hours a week.
          • BACKGROUND BUILDER: Provide research and experiential knowledge to prepare stakeholders for exploration of Freight Forum issues and opportunities.
          • FACILITATION TEAM: Aids IntelliConference process by reading and organizing stakeholder IntelliConference input.
          • SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT: Shares expertise on an as-needed basis during an IntelliConference to help stakeholders work through complex problems.
          • SPONSOR: Contribute financially as a member or sponsor of the Freight Forum or a specific IntelliConference.

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