Creating a world class transportation system takes more than money.

…More than reacting to “trends” and “projections”.

…More than picking the right projects.

It takes being clear about what we want from investments in transportation.

This is not another call for a “National Dialogue”.

This is the dialogue.

The National Transportation Futures Project is the dialogue for setting national priorities and, most importantly, commitments to specific, measurable targets. This dialogue will be informed by the metrics and data established in the National Transportation Lifecycle Costs and Benefits Project. You can contribute as a transportation provider, shipper, user, beneficiary, policy maker, advisor, investor, planner, or community member.

“There are no insurmountable barriers to North American transportation excellence, if we shift into thinking, planning, and acting intelligently and collaboratively.”
– Michael Sussman

Until official launch of this project, we welcome your written thoughts and feedback using our standard contact forms. Beginning in 2016, we will utilize OTNA’s innovative Intelliconference format, a comprehensive online and in-person approach to achieving accelerated results from large-group interactions.

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