OnTrackNorthAmerica is leading these initiatives toward doubling North American freight rail utilization by 2025.

Making Rail Utilization a Common Cause

OTNA is leading the public and its representatives to better understand and embrace policies, programs, and projects for rail development.

Introducing a Whole-System Capitalization Strategy

OTNA forwards whole-system strategies for capitalizing freight logistics and rail development. These approaches leverage limited public and private sector resources and render individual projects easier to fund.

Optimizing the Local Rail Service Network

OTNA is convening a collaborative process to enable private- and public-sector stakeholders to foster an enhanced local rail service network.

Conceiving Freight Transportation Land Use Strategies

OTNA promotes smart freight transportation land use strategies for maximizing freight transportation performance and efficiency, while reducing pollution and industrial sprawl.

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Transforming Public Sector Transportation Planning

OTNA advises local, state, and regional planning organizations on our method for producing public-private sector transportation plans that get put into action, not put on the shelf.

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Building a Land Freight Life-Cycle Cost Comparison

OTNA is developing a comprehensive set of metrics that enable full accounting of life-cycle costs by transport mode that includes environmental and land use impacts.

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OTNA created IntelliConferences to facilitate more productive stakeholder gatherings. We are developing IntelliConferences for delivery in 2015 to advance OTNA’s initiatives.

Evolving Sustainable Fuel Approaches to Rail Power

OTNA will convene stakeholders to develop sustainable fuel approaches to rail power.

Forwarding Whole-System Thinking in Rail Development and Public Policy

OTNA is providing new forums and methods for whole-system thinking and development. Our approaches serve legislators, agencies, advocacy groups, think tanks, businesses, and individuals; helping to improve coordination and collaboration within the transportation sector.

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