For too long we have been waiting for competition in the marketplace to deliver balanced, resilient transportation systems. Building efficient, productive transport systems, we now know, requires a level of collaboration and coordination that is new for us in North America. Isn’t it clear that our parallel economic and environmental challenges now compel us to rise to this new level of workability?



OTNA has launched three major initiatives at the core of our Action Plan to expand the capacity and footprint of rail transportation within an optimal system in service to the economy, environment, and quality of life :

  • National Transportation Life Cycle Costs and Benefits
  • Transportation Action Planning
  • Regional Stakeholder Consulting

Each initiative requires dedicated funding to enable the results to accrue toward OTNA’s larger, long-term vision. Additionally, OTNA has set the platform for a number of other important initiatives.

We invite you to step forward as a primary sponsor of one of our vital initiatives.

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